How to gain Instagram followers with tricks

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Think about it in terms of conversion. Let’s say that an Instagram with good content transforms (I invent it) 7% of your visits to followers. If we think that people are less inclined to follow less popular accounts and you have started from scratch, this could make (I invent it again) only 6% of your visitors will end up following you. It is not a matter solely of ego, it is about being as productive as possible from the first minute.

So, these followers are going to serve you to take your first steps and to save six months of crossing the desert, but do not let go of your hand. Nobody is going to loosen the pasta if you have a million followers and five likes in your photos. That can also be solved, but we will arrive later.

Greasing the machine … the hashtags and the follows

How happy is that to write #igersbcn or #picofdeday and receive a few I like. The world was waiting for your picture of the Barceloneta with Mayfair filter!

No. The truth is that one way to gain Instagram followers constantly is to run a script that likes and follows people automatically based on their hashtags. Something like that:

The top image is Instabot, the first result that appears if you search for “Instagram bot Github” on Google (it has been difficult eh). Github is what is known as “a forge” for programmers and many share their creations there. I, who have no idea of ​​programming, I read the instructions carefully, took two hours to do what a programmer would do in five minutes and finally get it started.

In this case, we have been very conservative. A maximum of 1000 likes a day (usually 1% becomes new followers) and we will follow 150 new people a day (this makes it better, depending on how interesting your content / body is, it calculates 20-30 %). Eye, let’s follow the people 24x60x60, that is, 24 hours. Then, if I have seen you, I do not remember.

As in the background I am a romantic, I have put it to follow 150 people and then just stop following 145, so there will be 5 people who will stay there in our list of followed. If I leave this running as it is configured in the image (I insist, very conservative), we would be talking, like this, about 55-60 followers a day.

The good thing about these is that they are real humans, with feelings, desire to make likes and who knows if they end up buying something. Also, since Instagram does not allow pornographic images, brands can execute them without fear and make likes indiscriminately. On Twitter, on the other hand, no matter how innocent the keyword you’re aiming at, sooner or later you’ll be accompanied by a giant cock that you’re going to “Like” by mistake. Then come the screenshots, the humiliating news and the excuses of the type “I have been a victim of a computer attack”.

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