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PS4, developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is an eighth-generation home video game console. Being a part of the play station family, PS4 was released in November 2013 as a successor to play station 3.


PS4 Pro, codenamed Neo, is a revised version of PS4 launched in November 2016. It is an upgraded PS4 version with improved hardware enabling 4K streaming and play station VR performance.

PS4Pro supports GDDR5 8GB memory with a storage size of 1 TB. Moreover, PS4 Pro offers remote play, share play as well as streaming at up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. It can also capture screenshots at 2160p and 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

PS4 Pro is a more powerful console that performs better than its ancestors. It also offers a finely tuned gaming experience, whether on your existing HDTV or a new 4KTV. It supports faster SATA III specifications. It is not another generation of the console; instead, it is pretty much part of the PS4 family. That is why PS4 Pro also supports all PS4 games with improved graphics.

Some of the PS4 games that go stupendous with PS4 Pro are:

  • Horizon zero dawn
  • Resident Evil 7
  • Rise of the tomb raider
  • The last guardian
  • Hitman
  • Watchdogs 2 etc.

With PS4 Pro, graphics are so stunning that they seem to take on life. Smooth curves, sharp corners, everything brings enhanced realism. Whether it is close-up details or distant shadows, everything has an enhance depth and texture.

PS4 Pro Skins:

To give your PS4 Pro console a customized and modish look, various PS4 Pro skins are available. PS4 Pro skin act as a protective outer layer to prevent scratches on the console.

One can select a decal of his choice from a vast range of highly detailed and vivid colors.


  • PS4 Pro skins protect the console from scratches, dirt, grease, surface water, UV rays, etc.
  • PS4 Pro skins are a perfect fit for the PS4 Pro console.
  • PS4 Pro skins are easy to apply and remove.
  • PS4 Pro skins entirely cover the top, topsides, bottom sides, and base.
  • PS4 Pro decals can be repositioned and stretched with the hairdryer.
  • PS4 Pro decals use high-quality glue that does not harm the console and leaves no residue on removal.
  • Alcohol wipes guarantee the perfect grip of PS4 Pro skins to your console.

Some of the most loved Sony PS4 skins are

  • Charmed
  • Electrify ice blue
  • Milky way
  • Aqua tranquility
  • Tie-dyed
  • Flower of fire etc.

All these PS4 Pro decals featuring unique artwork are available on various online shopping stores. Some stores also offer to customize decals of your choice. You can create a unique sticker of your own or by mixing and matching various skins at very reasonable prices.


Because of features like 4K gaming, HDR technology, faster frame rates, realistic graphics, and breath-taking environments, PS4 Pro has become a legendary pick for gamers all around the world. PS4 Pro skins are also imperative in taking PS4 Pro to new heights.

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