The AI Assistants Of The Future

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Every day our lives are getting busier and more complicated. In response we are finding more ways to use technology to make things simpler for us. As we develop our technology in order to continue to streamline work, something like Conversational Interface Platform Software, often known as chat bots are becoming more common, it is having a major influence on how we communicate with the brands and companies that we do business with.

Turning Test

This unique interface allows for a company to have an open channel of communication at all times. Designed to convincingly respond to conversation like a human, allowing them to pass the Turning Test. Although some of the more complex chatbots use natural language processing systems, others scan for key words in order to formulate their next response. 

Developers Tools

For the most part, chatbots and similar conversational interface platform has software that can be classified into a particular group based on use, such as conversational commerce, analytics, customer support, developer tools, and education among many other applications. 

Chatbot Development Platforms

As the technology powering these chatbots becomes more powerful, companies are more eager to take advantage of their ability to interact with more customers and to provide more services than would have been possible before. There are a variety of chatbots available through things such as companies using chatbots on Facebook’s messenger to help potential customers find what they need or banks using chatbots on their website to help customers with their bank account. 

  1. WotNot
  2. Intercom
  3. Drift Chatbot
  5. LivePerson

Top Companies Using Chatbots

With how much our technology is advancing it makes sense that more companies are using these chatbots to simplify interactions for customers. Gartner predicts that 85% of customer interactions with the various enterprises will be through chatbots. one of the main advantages of these chatbot for companies is that it allows some of the simpler tasks to be automated, taking a bit of pressure off of the people who work in the customer service actions giving them the opportunity to handle more complicated questions that our current AI could not help with.

In addition to taking some of the pressure off of a live representative to answer many of the simpler and more mundane questions, it gives companies the ability to have a line of communication open with their customers regardless of the time of day or of any holidays. This will allow employees to have time off with their families while not impacting the company’s ability to help customers who need issues looked into or who are only able to conduct business outside of normal business hours or on holidays and weekends. 

Advancing AI for chatbots: challenges and opportunities

The main challenge now creating AI that is capable of understanding tone and subtle context in text. In addition to these chatbots assisting customers there are a variety of digital assistants taking advantage of these advances in AI technologies. and software in order to help people organize their life.

Just like the chatbots that are allowing people to seamlessly interact with companies through a eye, these chatbots allow people to effectively set reminders and organize their lives without having to rely on more expensive alternatives such as a personal assistant. There is no doubt that these chatbots are making a positive difference in lives and are here to stay.


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