The Best Coding Apps for Beginners

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Have you ever found it fascinating to talk like a tech junkie? Do you ever try to learn some IT-based skills to work as an IT specialist without having a professional degree? If yes, then worry not because there are a lot of skill sets out there that you can easily learn and establish a career in IT without having a professional degree in this field. Sound interesting? Well, certainly.

Stepping into an entirely new world filled with high-tech stuff and setting a career success is more than just fun. Since we know that today every service, skill set, organization, store, game, and product has its mobile app which we download to access their services or offering easily. Why don’t we try to download apps designed for teaching coding skills to coders conveniently?

However, for making any app work for you the way you want, you need to have stable and competent internet deals such as CenturyLink Internet Deals. If you are looking for some high-end coding apps to grow your career in the coding world, you have landed on the right blog. We have brought to you four major coding apps that you need to know if you want to make your coding learning easier, more convenient, and more fun.

So, without any further due let’s jump right into the topic!

Top Four Coding Apps for Beginner Coders

Before proceeding further, we would like to mention that regardless of which coding app you intend to use, you need to have a strong and fastest internet speed plan such as CenturyLink Internet Plans.

The consistency of internet speed and coverage of internet signals emitting from in-home Wi-Fi is also vital for making these apps work smoothly. So, make sure you have the desired level of internet speed, reliability, and consistency of performance before downloading any coding app to upscale your coding skillsets without any inconvenience.

So, let’s start exploring the four best coding apps for beginners to improve their coding skills!

1. Mimo – Coding App for Learners Who Want to Make Coding Learning More Fun

Coding may sound dry or a bit detailed, but it does not need to be a serious business every time. You can make coding little fun by using Mimo ( Mimo is a coding app known as a learner with a fun platform where you can learn coding without having boring feelings while handling technicalities associated with coding.

What will You Get in Mimo?

Learning with fun is on top of the benefits you will get using this amazing coding app. Moreover, you can find almost every type of lesson and exercise that you should be familiar with being a beginner coder. These lessons and exercises will help you in enhancing your coding skills. Especially if you keep practicing those exercises daily, you will take your beginner-level coding skills to a professional level within a short period.

Similarly, you will receive new projects daily through this mobile app to improve your coding skills. Furthermore, Mimo offers users access to the coders’ community where they can share their routine challenges, or can practice their coding skills with a mentor, volunteer, or friend.

Daily learning activities will not only help you to build a healthy learning routine but will also introduce you to different challenges that may hinder your progress. This coding app is easily accessible for IOS and Android users. Also, it contains a user-friendly interface that not only makes this coding app more fun but also has escalated its popularity across the globe.

2. CodeGym – The Coding App for Diversifying Your Professional Skillset

This coding app is one of the finest apps that help you in diversifying your professional skillset. You can easily download this leading coding app to your system. It is particularly designed for beginner-level coders to provide them with fundamental learning and then to improve their skill sets to a professional level. To transform a beginner coder into a professional coder, CodeGym ( contains ten distinct levels. Each of those levels has a distinct set of assessments and tasks to check the user’s learning progress so far.

What will You Get in CodeGym?

There are 600 mini-lectures and 1200 total tasks that a learner can easily access. The good thing is all these features do not charge you any fee as the app is free of cost and there are no in-app purchases here as well.

Now all you need to do is to learn with heart and to practice hard for Java through attempting and solving different projects available at all levels. CodeGym also provides the user an opportunity to update the codes existing in the app or to create a new code. However, we want to inform you that this app is only accessible to Android users because it has been specifically designed for Android devices.

3. Codemurai – Coding App for IOS (iPhone Operating System) Users

If you are an iPhone user then Codemurai is your perfect pick. This coding app for IOS is referred to as a Godsend app which helps users for learning coding without paying any fee. This free-of-cost coding app is not just free to access but also does not charge you in terms of in-app purchases.

What will You Get in Codemurai?

This IOS-supporting coding app contains a broad range of compact lessons for users. There are a hundred lessons that help users to learn various types of basic and technical languages. Here you will learn languages as advanced as Angular 2 and as basic as CSS and HTML and many others.

Moreover, this coding app provides you opportunities to construct an accessible website through performing back-end and front-end development activities. Interestingly, this IOS user coding app can also be accessed by Android users. Just like iPhone users, Android users also need to download this coding app in their system to learn to code.

4.  Tynker – Coding App for Learning Coding through Games and Stories

Tynker is currently known across the world as one of the leading coding apps where users can get more than 60 million downloads.

What will You Get in Tynker?

Holding 60+ million downloads this worldwide famous coding app provides learning for the science of coding more interestingly. Tynker ( utilizes stories and games to teach coding which helps the coders easily learn technical coding lessons as well.

Interestingly, this coding app does not charge you for the installation and will deliver you 200 and above tutorials featuring games as well. However, this amazing coding app has the drawback of only being available for IOS users which is quite unfortunate for Android users.

The Bottom-Line

We can understand that it must be difficult for you now to decide which one to pick. However, we would like to advise you to download all of the aforementioned coding apps in your system and then examine each thoroughly to find the one that matches your learning preferences.

But make sure that the poor performance of your existing internet connection may not hinder you from availing the optimal benefits of these coding apps. Find a competent internet connection to boost your learning growth by visiting BuyTVInternetPhone. This platform can help you in getting rid of your crawling internet speed and inconsistent signal issues in one click.

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